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Benefits of Server Consolidation using Virtualization

Server consolidation is one of the best IT practice in present time. As per a Survey by AMI, “Worldwide SMB spending on server virtualization is projected to grow 18% annually. More and more companies are switching to cloud and sever virtualization. Check out Why Virtualize your server article here. VMware and HyperV are 2 most popular server virtualization technologies available in the market today. With Server virtualization, you can

  • Run more apps on the same server
  • Cut hardware costs and power bills
  • Easily move workloads to new servers with no downtime


If you are using Windows server 2012, you already have a Disaster Recovery Solution Built on Windows Server 2012. Hyper-V Replica, included in Windows Server 2012, makes an initial replica of the server and then continuously replicates any changes at 5 minute intervals. Using Hypervisor server consolidator built in Windows Server 2012, you can Monitor the status of your VM environment, migrate running VMs with zero downtime, Migrate virtual storage with zero downtime, Replicate changed data every 5-15 minutes to ensure fast systems recovery when needed, Enable space to be easily added to servers, on a just-enough and just-in-time basis and much more. Contact us for all types of Server support services including Server Consolidation services.